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Services Included

AP has provided civil-related engineering services on bridge projects since 1975. AP has been involved with permitting, designing, and constructing more than 175 bridges in Oregon and southeast Washington, including: short and multi-span bridges, cast-in-place concrete bridges, precast concrete bridges, pedestrian bridges, precast prestressed concrete bridges, timber and glu-lam bridges, steel girder and decking bridges, and concrete box culverts/multi-plate culverts​ . The majority of these were built with precast prestressed concrete slabs, and about 20 of these are 120- to 200-foot single-span and multi-span precast prestressed concrete deck bulb tee girder structures.

Harney County Road Department has partnered with AP to complete nearly 10 bridge replacement projects during recent years. Our experience with AP’s professional staff reflects the firm’s commitment to providing for the unique needs of county governments in rural areas with highly competent, cost-effective services.

Eric Drushella, Road Supervisor, Harney County, OR